February 26, 2024



Award-winning singer Burna Boy has touched the souls of his fans and admirers with a heartfelt gesture.

He generously presented a multi-million naira 7Gents chain to the emerging singer Seyi Vibez, creating a heartwarming moment that was captured in videos circulating on social media.

These clips beautifully illustrate the genuine friendship and support shared between the two musicians. Watch as Burna Boy carefully places the stunning chain around Seyi Vibez’s neck, the glow of gratitude unmistakable in Seyi’s eyes as he graciously accepts this dazzling gift.

Demonstrating his appreciation distinctively and traditionally, Seyi Vibez approached Burna Boy and performed a heartfelt prostration.

The opulent gift, rumored to be valued at millions of naira, has garnered extensive recognition and admiration from fans and followers alike. Social media platforms are abuzz with a deluge of comments lauding Burna Boy’s benevolence and highlighting the genuine camaraderie shared between these two artists.

Watch the video below:


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