February 26, 2024



Actress Uche Ogbodo recently faced criticism from an enthusiastic follower who took issue with her sultry swimsuit video shared on social media. While many praised her appearance, a particular follower, Flatch Goody, went a step further, employing a derogatory tone and likening her to an older woman attempting to appear younger.

In response, Uche Ogbodo did not back down. Instead, she acknowledged the comment, concurred with the description, and countered by labeling the follower an “ashawo” (a term for a sex worker) with an inclination to fixate on anything in a skirt and pants. This interaction highlighted Ogbodo’s readiness to confront online negativity.

This incident is not the first time the actress has found herself in controversy. Last year, she sparked a debate by asserting that women should continue cooking for their husbands even during times of mourning. Despite facing criticism for her stance, she remained unyielding, underscoring her unwavering commitment to doing anything for the one she loves. Despite the occasional backlash, Uche Ogbodo persists in staunchly defending herself against online trolls.

Watch the video below:


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