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Toni Nadal’s absence is explained by Felix Auger-Aliassime as “he’s back home, he’s not actively part of the team” in light of their recent divorce.



More details have been verified, as Carole Bouchard revealed yesterday, with Auger-Aliassime discussing his current circumstances and the composition of his squad. He revealed that he will be at the French Open with his father and Frederic Fontang, who have been with him all week. This raised questions about longtime mentor Rafael Nadal, who is well-known in the tennis community. Even though he is not on the squad and is at home, he claimed to have learnt a lot from his mentorship thus far.

Nevertheless, he has regained his form this week after lately experiencing form problems, the majority of which were caused by injuries and the requirement to participate in required competitions last year. Something he intends to do regardless of Toni Nadal’s presence.

“You saw my coach on the court, Frederic; he has been here for the entire tournament.” My buddies, physio, and striking partner,” the Canadian remarked, according to Carole Bouchard.
“No, Toni has returned home. We are traveling as a team just thus far. I’ve spent a growing amount of time this year with my dad as well. He was with me when I was inside, in Munich and Monte Carlo. My dad, who will be there at the French Open, is also very helpful at times.

“Toni and I are still in contact till further notice, but he isn’t actively traveling and working with me as part of the team. He was, however, always a good voice, good enough, let’s say, to add someone with outside expertise. However, he isn’t working with us this week.


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