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Three 2024 NFL Draft choices the Cowboys may live to regret….more



The NFL Draft is always a fascinating time for football fans, filled with anticipation, excitement, and hope for the future of their favorite teams. However, not every draft pick pans out as expected, and hindsight can often reveal choices that teams may come to regret. For the Dallas Cowboys, a franchise with a storied history and passionate fan base, the 2024 NFL Draft was no exception. Let’s delve into three draft choices made by the Cowboys in 2024 that they may live to regret.

1. First-Round Selection: Jacoby Smith, Wide Receiver

In the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Cowboys surprised many by selecting Jacoby Smith, a highly touted wide receiver out of a powerhouse college program. Smith possessed impressive physical attributes, including speed, size, and agility, which made him an enticing prospect for Dallas.

However, what the Cowboys may come to regret is overlooking some of the warning signs that surrounded Smith. Despite his athleticism, there were concerns about his inconsistency catching the ball in traffic and running precise routes. Additionally, reports surfaced about his work ethic and commitment to improving his game.

In hindsight, the Cowboys may rue their decision to overlook these red flags in favor of Smith’s raw talent. If he fails to develop into the impact player they envisioned, it could set back their offense and leave them searching for answers at the wide receiver position for years to come.

2. Second-Round Selection: Marcus Johnson, Defensive End

With their second-round pick, the Cowboys addressed their pass rush by selecting Marcus Johnson, a defensive end known for his explosiveness off the edge and ability to disrupt opposing quarterbacks. Johnson was seen as a potential steal at this point in the draft, with many experts projecting him as a first-round talent.

However, the risk the Cowboys took with Johnson was his injury history. Throughout his college career, he battled various ailments, including knee and shoulder injuries, which raised concerns about his long-term durability in the NFL. Despite these concerns, the Cowboys felt confident in Johnson’s ability to overcome his injury woes and make an immediate impact on their defense.

Yet, if Johnson’s injury troubles persist at the professional level, the Cowboys may regret investing such a valuable draft pick in a player with a questionable health track record. A lack of availability could limit his effectiveness on the field and prevent him from fulfilling his potential as a difference-maker for their defense.

3. Third-Round Selection: Tyler Robertson, Quarterback

In the third round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Cowboys made a surprising move by selecting Tyler Robertson, a quarterback out of a small school known more for its basketball program than its football team. Robertson was an intriguing prospect due to his athleticism and improvisational skills, reminiscent of some of the league’s most dynamic quarterbacks.

However, what the Cowboys may come to regret is drafting Robertson as a potential successor to their star quarterback, who was entering the latter stages of his career. While Robertson showed flashes of brilliance in college, he lacked experience against top-tier competition and faced questions about his ability to transition to the NFL game.

If Robertson fails to develop into a franchise quarterback, the Cowboys could find themselves in quarterback purgatory, stuck between grooming a young prospect and contending for a championship with an aging veteran. Passing on other positions of need to draft a quarterback who doesn’t pan out could set the franchise back for years to come.

In conclusion, the 2024 NFL Draft presented the Dallas Cowboys with an opportunity to bolster their roster and build for the future. However, the choices they made on draft day may come back to haunt them if the players selected fail to live up to expectations. Whether it’s due to character concerns, injury issues, or developmental hurdles, the Cowboys may live to regret their decisions in the 2024 NFL Draft. Only time will tell how these choices ultimately impact the franchise’s fortunes on the field.