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There will be an NHL Draft Lottery on Tuesday, May 7.



The 2024 NHL Draft Lottery will take place this Tuesday, May 7, at the NHL Network studio in Secaucus, New Jersey. ESPN will carry the event live, and the time will probably be revealed soon.

The 2024 NHL Draft Lottery odds, which will establish the sequence of selection for the first 16 choices in the first round of the draft, were revealed by the NHL on April 26. All of the clubs who did not make it to the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs (or the teams that have taken over those non-playoff teams’ first-round draft spots) are involved.

With an 11.5 percent chance of obtaining the first overall pick in the draft, Anaheim has the third-best chances going into the Draft Lottery. For the first time in team history, the Ducks may choose first overall and draft first overall. Based on the lottery results, Anaheim might choose to be ranked anywhere from first to fifth overall.

On March 23, 2021, the NHL announced modifications to the Draft Lottery format. A restriction on the total number of picks (10) that a team playing in the Draft Lottery may “move up” in the event that it wins one of the Lottery Draws is one of the adjustments implemented in 2022. In the NHL Draft of 2024, the first overall selection will go to just the top 11 seeded.

Depending on which team wins the First Lottery Draw, the odds for the remaining teams will rise proportionately for the Second Lottery Draw.

With the acquisition of Edmonton’s 2024 first-round selection on March 8, Anaheim now has nine picks in the NHL Draft, including two first-round selections and seven picks in the first three rounds. The NHL Draft in 2024 will take place over two days in Las Vegas. Rounds 2 through 7 will be held on Saturday, June 29 after Round 1 on Friday, June 28.