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Michael Penix Jr.’s present quarterback predicament is “more the norm,” according to Kirk Cousins.



For the first time since the 2024 NFL Draft, when quarterback Michael Penix Jr. was taken in the first round and everyone began to doubt the team’s choice to double-down at the top position, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kirk Cousins was made accessible to the media.

This raised a significant question in retrospect, to which a reasonable response was provided.

Reporter: “Kirk, hello. Communication and transparency are crucial. Would you have signed with the Falcons if they had informed you throughout their wooing that they planned to choose a quarterback at (No.) 8?

Cousins: “I don’t really work with speculative scenarios. There are many ways we might go down that route for a very long time. Simply said, it isn’t beneficial to us. I’m thrilled to have this chance. Being a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons is a true gift, and I’m trying to live up to the chance they’ve given me by working hard every day and performing well on the field this fall.”

There are two reasons why the absence of drama is not shocking.

Cousins is a professional, to start. He has over 13 years of NFL experience. It makes sense that teammates and coaches believe he’s ideal for Penix to grow under.

Falcons head coach Raheem Morris stated, “Kirk is trying to win a Super Bowl.” “Kirk is in full-blow preparation mode to set the Atlanta Falcons up for the best success that they could possibly have.”

Drake London, a wide receiver, said: “He’s an all-around pro.” He performs flawlessly both on and off the field.”

Penix concurs with this idea as well.

During last week’s rookie minicamp, Penix declared, “I’m super, super blessed to be able to right here in this position right now, obviously with a veteran in front of me.” “Just picking up knowledge from him and go on with my daily activities. Simply looking for methods to advance and reach his current status—many years in the league—in the league. That is the situation.

Second, Cousins himself mentioned that he had previously encountered comparable circumstances.
Cousins committed to Michigan State in 2007. He remembers that quarterback Nick Foles made a mistake two weeks later.

Cousins was selected in the fourth round of the 2012 NBA Draft by the Washington Commanders. Robert Griffin III, a quarterback, was already selected by the Commanders in the first round.

“The response is that this is the exception when really, if you know my story, this is more the norm of the journey,” Cousins explained. “It’s more: OK, let’s just start working and start building together.”

“It’s always going to be a competition in this league, and you always got to go out and earn it,” Cousins stated. “I’m going to control what I can control and also understand there’s a lot you don’t control.”
Thus, Cousins reported for work on Monday, the first day of Atlanta’s Organized Team Activities. Penix also did.

They all did the same thing on Tuesday. and on Thursday once again.

It’s possible that cousins are already QB1. However, he will never be by himself in the position group.

“I think it’s so important that the quarterback room is just working together to help one another succeed,” Cousins stated. “That’s the way it’s always been. room.”