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Lakers News: Despite rumors that Darvin Ham may be let go, Draymond Green stands up for him



The Los Angeles Lakers lost their first-round series against the Denver Nuggets in five games, and they will undoubtedly make significant changes in the upcoming summer.

The Lakers are reportedly planning to remove head coach Darvin Ham by the end of the week, but the greatest move may come from the sidelines. Ham is currently under fire after failing to build on the team’s success in the 2023–24 season, despite the team’s run to the Western Conference Finals the previous year.

“What will become of Darvin Ham? I believe it would be incorrect to fire him,” stated Green. He’ll take a lot of heat for the season they had, but they were a Play-In team since their roster didn’t improve from the previous one. Yes, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis performing at their current levels, they advanced to the conference finals, but they didn’t improve. Dennis Schroder was lost. They didn’t seem to have replaced him. To be honest, Gabe Vincent added nothing to the season. He was obviously injured, so I don’t think the roster improved, but you still anticipate better outcomes.

All will point the finger at Darvin Ham, saying, “Oh, that’s his fault.” Is that accurate? I don’t think they improved all that much, therefore their year didn’t surprise me.

Since Green and Ham are longtime residents of Saginaw, Michigan, it makes sense that the star of the Warriors would stand up for him in this situation. The fact that some things, including the injuries, were beyond Ham’s control should be considered if the brass does decide to let him go. But Ham’s incompetent game management and his reluctance to commit to lineups and rotations during the regular season didn’t help him either.

At this point, Ham’s job security became a major concern during the season and playoffs, so it might be preferable for all parties to part ways. All the indications lead to Ham being released from his responsibilities, even though an official decision has not yet been made.

Michael Malone feels that Darvin Ham ought to continue leading the Lakers.
Because they understand how challenging it can be to manage a squad, head coaches in the league frequently support one another. Michael Malone, the head coach of the Nuggets, defended Ham as well and stated that he should stay the head coach of the Lakers.