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Vander Ploog is not going to UCF. He threw serious shade at the Knights during a recent offseason tournament despite a lack of better scholarship offers.

It wasn’t a great look for the athlete or the university!

Ploog is a four-star prospect in the college football recruiting Class of 2025. At 6-foot-6, 210 pounds, he is considered to be one of the 15 best tight ends in the country and a top 250 recruit overall.

Hailing from Fullerton, the California-native currently holds scholarship offers from Arizona State, Cal, SMU, Utah, Washington, Michigan State, Minnesota, Oregon State, San Diego State, San Jose State, UNLV and Washington State. UCLA is also showing interest but has not extended an offer.

The University of Central Florida is not on Ploog’s shortlist. The Knights have not offered a scholarship.

They are not actively recruiting the West Coast tight end and will not be doing so any time soon.

He does not have an interest. It would be a waste of UCF’s time.

Ploog was mic’d up at an OT7 event over the weekend and was asked where he is going to school by one of the officials. He said that he does not know!

The referee (not-so) jokingly pitched Space U as an option. Ploog smiled and told him that he would consider the Citronauts before revealing his true feelings toward the university.

First of all, it is very funny that the official was actively pitching what I assume is his alma mater. That seems like something that probably shouldn’t happen, though I supposed it’s not causing any harm.

And then there is Ploog’s reaction.

While I understand that every school is not for everybody, UCF would be one of his better scholarship offers if he was to get one. To be so quick to dismiss a Big 12 program that has become a relevant brand on the national level over the last seven years is a shame! Vander Ploog could do a lot worse…