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Hatton Campbell Acquiring Knowledge Fast With Anthony Joshua and Leigh Wood



Campbell Hatton is excited to spend a few months immersed in the boxing world.

Hatton hasn’t lost a match in his professional career in six weeks. The 23-year-old bravely competed against Jimmy Joe Flint, the Central Area super lightweight champion, but was defeated by majority decision after ten rounds.

Hatton decided to part ways amicably with his uncle and trainer, Matthew, following the fight.

Now training with Barry Smith at the successful Ben Davison Performance Centre in Essex, Hatton, 14-1 (5 KOs), is in good shape. Though he didn’t make the choice right away, he is already pleased with it.

“I’m really enjoying it. Although it’s taking some getting accustomed to, I’m picking things up fast and beginning to understand,” he said to BoxingScene.

To be honest, I think it’s going to be a new Campbell Hatton, but I already feel like I’m fitting in and learning the different ways of doing things. You can only get better when you work out with the kind of fighters I do every day in the gym.

Hatton was the most well-known figure in a close stable from the moment he ended his short amateur career at the age of 19 to start training with his uncle.

These days, Hatton might just catch a glimpse of Anthony Joshua’s two-time unified heavyweight title as he shadowboxes in the mirror or have to slightly adjust his gait to avoid running into Leigh Wood, the former WBA featherweight champion, when they work the heavy bag.

Success is not guaranteed by training with household names, and Hatton will experience a whole new set of aches and pains as his body adjusts to a new schedule. Additionally, when Smith and the group start to analyze and rework his approach, he is probably going to experience more moments of humility than breakthroughs.

But Hatton will simply have to look around to see evidence that the system he is now a part of functions during the adaption period.

For me, it’s been fantastic, he remarked. We were training hard and I was getting better when I was at Matthew’s, but at the time I was kind of the gym’s main guy. I’m chasing now, so I have to step it up to try to keep up with the guys I’m with, which will make me feel ten times better.

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