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Four Explanations for the Enormous Excitement Surrounding the Pirates great prospect before….



Paul Skenes: who is he? Due to his impending MLB debut, the Pittsburgh super prospect’s name has been more well-known in baseball circles lately. We’re here to break down the enormous hoopla around him and explain why he may be the next big thing in the major leagues.

Paul Skenes: a man or woman? The Pittsburgh super prospect’s name has been more well-known in baseball circles lately because of his upcoming MLB debut. We want to dissect the immense hype around him and elucidate the reasons why he may be the next great thing in major league baseball.

But there is hope again in Steel City, and it’s led by a man named Paul Skenes. This Saturday, at home against division rivals the Chicago Cubs, the Pirates’ top prospect will play in his major league debut. In the year leading up to his Major League Baseball debut, the 21-year-old has dominated Pittsburgh’s minor league system.

Let’s examine the reasons behind the considerable excitement around Skenes, the talented pitcher who created the “Splinker.”

Skenes can hit, but his stuff is dirty.

The simplest explanation for Skenes’s popularity is because his belongings are utterly filthy. He often throws a fastball at 100 mph and mixes it with a wicked slider. With the LSU Tigers, those two pitches enabled him to dominate the SEC, which helped him land the first overall choice in the 2023 MLB Draft. It also explains why he quickly rose through the Pirates system in just one season.

That being said, his hitting potential is what really excites me about him. He was a catcher with the Air Force for two seasons before transferring to LSU. During that time, he hit.367 with 24 home runs and a 1.122 OPS.

Although he might not be the next Shohei Ohtani, his potential as an elite pitcher and his ability to fill in as a DH when necessary are major wins for a Pittsburgh batting order that is close to the bottom of the league.

MLB’s third-ranked prospect overall is Paul Skenes.

In addition to being the best prospect in the Pirates minor league system, which is among the top 10 in MLB, Paul Skenes is ranked third in baseball overall by The only players ahead of him are young Brewers standout Jackson Chourio and highly regarded Orioles potential Jackson Holliday. A player Milwaukee extended its contract for $82 million to in the previous year.

A new pitch has been produced by the Pirates super-prospect.

Paul Skenes has distinguished himself by developing a novel pitch known as the “Splinker.” Reaching up to 97 mph, the two-seam fastball attacks batters before diving back over the plate in the last moment. He began working on a cross between a split-finger fastball and a sinker at LSU, and he progressed to the point where, in advance of his Pirates debut, it is a regular part of his arsenal.

Paul Skene’s girlfriend

The main reason Skenes’ name has become more well-known over the past year has nothing to do with baseball. And here is him dating LSU alumna Livvy Dunne, a social media sensation. She is one of the greatest young gymnasts in the nation and gained over 13 million Instagram and TikTok followers after the Tigers won a national title the previous year.

His popular profile has increased thanks to her enormous reach, which is also largely responsible for the extraordinary hoopla around the young pitcher.