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BREAKING: Unexpected ‘Untouchable’ Brooklyn Nets Player Listed in Bleacher Report As….



The Brooklyn Nets’ next offseason will be extremely significant. Would they like to be consumers? Merchants? Remain still and proceed with a comparable roster?

Apparently, as long as they don’t risk their future by using up all of their own draft selections by signing James Harden in 2021, the response doesn’t seem all that incorrect. They will undoubtedly change direction and grow from their error.

Moves will probably be taken in any case. So, regardless of orientation, who is untouchable for the Nets?

This offseason, Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report compiled a list of all 30 NBA teams’ “untouchable” players. It was quite the startling response for the Nets.

“Scoffing at this selection is a totally understandable reaction,” Bluckley stated.

The solution was not Mikal Bridges, whom the organization has made every effort to keep, reject big trade offers, and attempt to establish himself as the team’s top choice.

“As a rookie in 23 NBA games, Noah Clowney, the No. 21 selection from last summer, averaged just 5.8 points and 3.5 rebounds. On almost any other club, he would be a (far) afterthought in untouchable negotiations, according to Buckley’s writing. “In Brooklyn, though, he just might hold that status, which honestly says less about his potential than it does the dearth of realistic candidates around him.”

Buckley then wrote about two other Nets contenders to potentially hold this title, though none makes as much sense as Clowney.

Mikal Bridges has been sought to be positioned by the Nets as untouchable, but that strategy doesn’t hold water. Not with this 27-year-old non-star on a club that was over 20 games below.500 in the regular season,” Buckley went on.

Bridges appears to be a player who several strong teams may seek in the summer, which would increase his worth once again. His productivity may yield a healthy return for the Nets, making his trade worthwhile.

“Cam Thomas feels like the only other possibility, yet if Brooklyn takes a big swing on a scoring guard like Donovan Mitchell or Trae Young this offseason, Thomas would almost certainly be involved in that exchange,” Buckley stated.

Once more, considering the Nets’ present roster-building predicament, it could be wiser to maximize Thomas’ worth rather than allowing his stock to gradually decline if they decide to acquire or trade him.

Clowney finished April with averages of 12.1 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks per game. Though he isn’t invincible, there is promise for the Alabama product who isn’t yet twenty years old. In the event that the Nets let go of Claxton, it would be better to keep onto and develop Clowney rather than resigning him to a long-term contract that would probably be worth approximately $100 million.