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BREAKING: Jerry Jones Speaks of Giving Out the Team After 35 Years of Ownership to some…more



For over three decades, Jerry Jones has been a towering figure in the world of American football, wielding unparalleled influence and shaping the landscape of the sport as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. As one of the most recognizable and polarizing figures in professional sports, Jones’ name is synonymous with the Cowboys franchise, synonymous with success, controversy, and larger-than-life ambition.

Now, after 35 years at the helm of America’s Team, Jones finds himself at a crossroads, contemplating the possibility of passing the torch and relinquishing control of the franchise he has poured his heart and soul into. In a recent interview, Jones spoke candidly about the prospect of giving up ownership of the Cowboys and the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

For Jones, the decision to consider passing on ownership of the Cowboys is not one that he takes lightly. Since purchasing the team in 1989, Jones has been a hands-on owner, involved in every aspect of the franchise’s operations, from personnel decisions to marketing strategies to game-day preparations. Under his leadership, the Cowboys have enjoyed both highs and lows, from Super Bowl victories to playoff disappointments, yet through it all, Jones has remained unwavering in his commitment to the team and its fans.

As Jones reflects on his tenure as owner, he is filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that he has left an indelible mark on the sport and the franchise he loves. From building state-of-the-art facilities to revolutionizing the business side of football to championing causes close to his heart, Jones has left no stone unturned in his quest to elevate the Cowboys to greatness.

Yet, amidst the accolades and achievements, Jones is also keenly aware of the challenges and controversies that have marked his tenure as owner. From contentious contract negotiations to public disputes with players and coaches to criticism of his management style, Jones has faced his fair share of adversity and scrutiny over the years, testing his resolve and resilience as a leader.

Now, as Jones contemplates the next chapter of his life, he is faced with the daunting task of finding the right successor to carry on his legacy and lead the Cowboys into the future. While Jones has no shortage of potential candidates vying for the opportunity to take the reins, he knows that finding the right person for the job will require careful consideration and deliberation.

For Jones, the ideal successor is someone who shares his passion for the Cowboys and its fans, someone with a deep understanding of the sport and a proven track record of success in the business world. Above all, Jones is looking for someone who embodies the values and principles that have guided him throughout his tenure as owner: integrity, accountability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As Jones prepares to pass the torch, he is filled with a mix of emotions, from excitement and anticipation to nostalgia and reflection. While he may be stepping away from the day-to-day operations of the Cowboys, Jones knows that his legacy will endure, shaping the franchise and the sport for generations to come.

In the end, Jerry Jones’ decision to consider passing on ownership of the Dallas Cowboys is a testament to his love for the team and its fans, a recognition that the time has come to entrust the future of America’s Team to a new generation of leaders. As Jones looks ahead to the next chapter of his life, he does so with gratitude for the journey that brought him to this point and optimism for the bright future that lies ahead for the Cowboys and their loyal supporters.