February 26, 2024


Destiny Etiko, a Nigerian actress and filmmaker, recently visited Port Harcourt, the thriving capital of Rivers State. Her colleague Sarah Martins welcomed her with open arms in a style that went viral on the internet.

After sharing a video of the memorable occasion in which Sarah made her feel like the main attraction at a nightclub, Destiny went viral on social media.

Seen on camera, Etiko and Sarah Martins were engrossed in the beat of the club’s blazing background music along with the vibrant crowd.

Sarah suddenly stood up, brandishing bundles of 500 naira notes and sprinkling her colleague with cash. Destiny’s expression of pure joy conveyed the sincere happiness that Sarah’s surprisingly kind gesture had inspired.

After Destiny Etiko splashed some cash, Sarah Martins threw her arms around her and received a warm hug in return.

But instead of hugging Destiny, Sarah reached over and gave it a few playful spanks, which went viral on the internet.

Watch the video below:


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