February 26, 2024


At a live performance, female singer Sophia Urista made headlines when she urinated on a male fan’s face.

invited onto the stage and asked to lie down in a viral video about the event.

Unfastening her trousers, Sophia Urista bent down to cover the man’s face. Then, with disdain, she let out a stream of pee.

The disgruntled fan got to his feet and threw the pee towards the crowd.

Since then, the band has apologized on social media for the heinous incident.

Brass Against released the following statement via social media:

“At Welcome to Rockville last night, we had a terrific time. Sophia overreacted. We didn’t anticipate that, and you won’t see it at any of our shows going forward. Daytona, I appreciate you bringing it last night.”

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