Video of a Handsome Nigerian Boy Rema Lookalike and his Visually Impaired Father walking along the road has Stirred Emotions Online.


According to the photographer, he saw the duo walking on the streets of Lagos, and their smiles captured his attention. He filmed the father and son and shared the clip on Instagram, which quickly went viral.

While sharing the clip, he said: “Finding Joy in the Midst of Struggle: Witnessing this young black boy and his father on the streets of Lagos, their smiles spoke volumes. “Despite their circumstances, they radiated resilience and hope, reminding us that happiness can be found in unexpected places. Captured this heartwarming moment to share their story and inspire compassion.”

“Am I the only one seeing Rema?” Sunbim1 said: “Chai! I know this man and the boy at Onipanu , I pray helpers locate them.”

Official_niffyeh reacted: “Can everyone screenshot the boy pic and use it for wallpaper, God can send helper to help him and his daddy please everyone.” African_products_ added: “I see great things happen to this kid in the future.”

See the post below:

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