Trump’s Niece Attacks Edward Snowden, the Former President DeSantis Attacks Cannabis Legalization, Discusses US Military’s Covert Operation Against China, And More: Politics This Week

The last week was jam-packed with contentious remarks, diplomatic tensions, and political drama. The news cycle was anything but dull, with President Joe Biden making fun of his predecessor’s social media habits and Mary Trump criticizing the way her uncle’s rally was covered by the media. Global tension increased in response to China’s demand that the US reevaluate its nuclear posture, while controversy erupted over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ remarks on the legalization of cannabis. Last but not least, the week’s news was further complicated by Edward Snowden’s response to a clandestine US military operation against China during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Trump’s Niece Criticizes Media Coverage Of Ex-President’s Rally

Mary Trump, the niece of Donald Trump, took issue with how her uncle’s Las Vegas event was portrayed in the media. In her Nerd Avengers show, she voiced her worries, saying that the media shouldn’t be trying to sell Trump to those who aren’t watching the rallies. Participating on the broadcast was media personality Danielle Moodie, who shared Mary Trump’s opinions.

Biden Mocks Trump’s Social Media Habits

President Joe Biden took a jab at his predecessor, Donald Trump, and his social media platform, Truth Social. In a tweet, Biden mocked Trump’s late-night rants on Truth Social and asserted his ability to answer questions that Trump can’t.

China Demands US Rethink Nuclear Position

China has asked the US to reevaluate its nuclear posture and scale back its stockpile. This comes after the US may need to expand its nuclear arsenal in order to confront threats from North Korea, China, and Russia, according to Pranay Vaddi, senior director for arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation at the National Security Council.

DeSantis Criticizes Cannabis Legalization Amendment

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized the proposed constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis. He argued that if the amendment is approved, marijuana would be pervasive throughout Florida. DeSantis also expressed his disbelief at the Florida Supreme Court’s approval of the amendment.

Snowden Reacts To US Military Operation Against China

The well-known whistleblower Edward Snowden responded to a Reuters story that disclosed a clandestine US military operation in the Philippines to thwart China’s influence amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Fake social media profiles were made as part of the plan to cast doubt on the security of China’s help, which includes vaccinations.

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