Trump Asserts He Is Unaware Of The Far-Right Agenda Driven By His Own Aides

“My knowledge of Project 2025 is zero. On Truth Social, the former president posted, “I don’t know who’s behind it.”it

Even though supporters of Project 2025 include right-wing activists who served in President Donald Trump’s first administration and are expected to serve in his second, the former president made an effort to disassociate himself from the plan.

“My knowledge of Project 2025 is zero. I don’t know who is responsible for it. On Truth Social on Friday, he posted, “I disagree with some of what they’re saying and some of it is utterly ridiculous and abysmal.” “I wish them luck in everything they do, but I have no involvement with them.”

With support from numerous other arch-conservative organisations, Project 2025 was developed by the Heritage Foundation. Paul Dans, who served as the Office of Personnel Management’s chief of staff during the Trump administration, is one of the three members of its leadership team. A call to recruit possible second-term Trump officials has been issued by the Project 2025 team.

Ben Carson, a former housing secretary under President Trump, Peter Navarro, a former White House adviser, and Russ Vought, a former director of the Office of Management and Budget who is also involved in the Republican National Committee’s 2024 platform, are among the other former Trump administration officials connected to Project 2025.

A possible second term of Trump is outlined in the 900-page programme. The Project 2025 programme suggests, among other things, implementing a plan to reclassify government employees, something that Trump first tried to do in 2020 and intends to do again if reelected.

Under the idea, more employees would fall under the Schedule F category, which would rob thousands of individuals of their employment protections and allow them to be fired for any cause at any time. Prominent welfare programmes like Social Security will be harmed by the introduction of Schedule F, which experts claim would lead to authoritarianism and have a chilling effect on government, deteriorating public services including disaster response, financial regulation, and benefit administration.

Last year, during a campaign video, Trump referred to Schedule F as an attempt to “remove rogue bureaucrats.” He declared, “I will use that power very aggressively.” A Biden-Harris campaign spokesman referred to Project 2025 as a “playbook for Trump to achieve his dream of being a dictator on day one, with unchecked, imperial power” in a statement released on Friday.

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