Top 2025 Nebraska Linebacker Prospect Dawson Merritt Commits to Alabama Over Cornhuskers

The full court press of a Top 100 2025 recruit by Nebraska football was thwarted on Wednesday when linebacker Dawson Merritt of Overland Park, Kansas, Blue Valley, confirmed his commitment to Alabama.
Merritt’s top two teams were the Huskers and the Crimson Tide. He chose Alabama and new head coach Kalen DeBoer after visiting the university on June 7 and deliberating for about three weeks.
Merritt informed On3 of DeBoer’s 104-12 record as a head coach. DeBoer has won at Washington, Fresno State, and the University of Sioux Falls. What guarantees that he won’t be successful in all that he has built up for himself at Alabama? His support team is incredible, and I can’t wait to see what he can do.

Top 2025 Nebraska linebacker prospect Dawson Merritt has committed to the University of Alabama, choosing the Crimson Tide over the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Merritt, a highly ranked recruit, is considered one of the best defensive players in his class. His commitment to Alabama comes after a highly publicized recruitment process that saw him visit both Alabama and Nebraska. This decision is a significant boost for Alabama’s already impressive recruiting class, while it represents a notable loss for Nebraska, who had been hopeful about landing the talented linebacker​.

Merritt’s decision was influenced by his recent visit to Alabama, which seemed to have made a lasting impression. The visit highlighted Alabama’s successful football program, renowned coaching staff, and the school’s reputation for developing NFL-caliber talent. Despite Nebraska’s strong efforts, including a visit to their spring game and the involvement of Merritt’s father, an assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, the allure of Alabama’s football tradition and resources ultimately swayed Merritt​.

Nebraska had placed significant emphasis on recruiting Merritt, viewing him as a cornerstone of their future defensive unit. His commitment to Alabama underscores the challenges Nebraska faces in competing with top-tier SEC programs for elite recruits. The Cornhuskers’ coaching staff had hoped that the personal touch and family involvement would tip the scales in their favor, but the competitive nature of college football recruiting, especially against a program like Alabama, proved to be a formidable obstacle​

For Alabama, Merritt’s commitment is a significant addition to their defensive lineup. Known for their rigorous training programs and success in sending players to the NFL, Alabama continues to attract top-tier talent from across the country. Merritt’s decision highlights the enduring appeal of Alabama’s football program and its ability to secure commitments from the nation’s top high school players. As Alabama looks to maintain its dominance in college football, securing recruits like Merritt will be crucial in sustaining their competitive edge​

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