This is a dream come true” – Asake ecstatic about his O2 Arena concert (video)


Ahmed Ololade, also known as Asake, is ecstatic at the opportunity to host his own show at the famed O2 Arena.

In order to firsthand experience the splendor of the venue and make essential preparations for his impending performance, Asake recently paid a visit to the prestigious O2 Arena.

In an interview conducted on the site, Asake couldn’t hide his excitement, describing the experience as nothing short of a dream come true.

With a contagious enthusiasm, Asake reveals how this milestone has solidified his place in the music industry, leaving him in awe of his own accomplishments.

Asake admitted that he had often imagined this scenario and that he was amazed to see it come true.

The gifted artist spoke of his lofty goals in the future, he disclosed that his ultimate objective is to enthrall 40,000 people in a larger arena.

Fans of Asake are however elated and are seriously looking forward to the upcoming show.

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