The Real Reason Palpatine Wanted Anakin Skywalker As His Ultimate Apprentice.

‏Palpatine’s desire for Anakin Skywalker to be his Sith apprentice may have been made clear by Star Wars, and it had nothing to do with the man’s high midi-chlorian count. Unquestionably, Anakin was one of the strongest Jedi in Star Wars, and he even went on to become one of the strongest Sith in the franchise when he assumed the role of Darth Vader. But there’s a chance Palpatine was interested in Anakin for reasons other than his overwhelming strength.

In actuality, Palpatine’s pursuit of Anakin as a possible apprentice might have been a reflection of the Jedi’s willingness to break their own regulations and let him into the Order despite his advanced age. The Jedi attributed this largely to their conviction that Anakin was the individual predicted in the Chosen One prophesy. Now, a recently published Star Wars book may have explained why Palpatine particularly sought out Anakin to be his apprentice—and it has to do with another prophesy.

There were other groups with prophecies apart from the Jedi. Instead, the Sith had a prophecy about their own Chosen One. The Sith’ari, who are predicted to set the Sith free, destroy the Sith, and rebuild them stronger than ever, are the subject of the Sith prophecy. But more importantly—at least to Palpatine—the Sith’ari prophecy made mention to the Sith’ari resurrecting the Sith. Palpatine was fascinated with eternal life, as Star Wars has made clearly obvious, not only with his real resurrection in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker but also throughout Star Wars: The Bad Batch with Project Necromancer.

This Sith’ari prophecy was only found in the Star Wars Expanded Universe until it was officially added to the canon. In Dr Chris Kempshall’s The Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire, in-universe author Beaumont Kin mentioned the Sith’ari prophecy by name as well as writing:

Palpatine’s belief that Anakin might have the key to prolonging his own life unnaturally appears realistic. The same book established that Anakin Skywalker, who met the criteria for being an extraordinarily strong creature born of the Force itself, was the subject of the predictions that the Jedi and Sith believed to be true.


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