The night before it was performed, Sung Jinwoo wrote the largest moment in Solo Leveling.

The first season of Solo Leveling concluded with Sung Jinwoo’s famous cry, “Arise,” setting a magnificent tone for the series. The vocal performance was last-minutely prepared, but the scene was delivered well.

Solo Leveling debuted in January to immediate acclaim as one of the best anime shows of the year. A-1 Pictures’ adaption, which was already a hugely popular manwha, quickly gained a worldwide following during the season.

The part of Jinwoo’s story that those familiar with the source material were truly anticipating was when he would use the word “Arise” to summon undead monsters back to life. Aleks Le gave us a behind-the-scenes look at that event at Anime Expo 2024, showing us how everything was planned out from the execution to the recording.

“I wrote the speech before the ‘Arise’ scene in Episode 12 for about four hours the night before, just trying to find the right words. It was quite challenging,” he informs Dexerto.

Le, who dubbed the role of Sung Jinwoo, has been outspoken about the imaginative alterations he made to the anime series. His approach and comprehension of the translated script are responsible for a number of standout moments, and he speaks highly of his close collaboration with ADR director Caitlin Glass.

He says, “She gave me a lot of creative freedom to write my own dialogue and interpret a lot of the lines for myself because we just understood each other’s workflow.” “Therefore, a lot of the speeches in this show are actually my own, which I was able to pitch and review to make sure it adds all the original meaning in both the Japanese and the webtoon it originated from, and fits the scene.”

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