The money that the late singer put for a new Range Rover Velar has caused family members to break into Mohbad’s father’s home.


Family members residing in the very same locality as Mohbad’s father convened at his residence, agitated by the substantial sum the late singer had deposited with an auto dealership for the acquisition of a fresh automobile.

Cute Abiola, who shared a close friendship with Mohbad, had earlier disclosed that the singer had plans to acquire a new Range Rover Velar on Friday, September 15, just before tragedy struck.

The viral videos capturing a group of young people gathering at Mohbad’s father’s residence, seeking answers about the late Nigerian singer’s unfulfilled plan, his assets, have ignited a significant online commotion.

Popular skit maker Cute Abiola recently revealed that Mohbad had intentions to purchase a new Range Rover Velar on the preceding Friday. He shared that the singer had deposited half of the funds to Unique Motors for the purchase but tragically passed away on September 12 before completing the transaction.

In the viral video, the family members could be heard pledging to assist Mohbad’s father in making sure Unique Motors gets in touch with him to refund the money he had deposited for the car.

Mohbad’s father, in video, publicly accused the singer’s wife and her mother of holding onto Mohbad’s phone and property documents. He’s seeking assistance, alleging that his in-laws are using their power and connections to oppress him.

He reteirated that he deserves access to these assets since he raised Mohbad all by himself.


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