The Detroit Red Wings’ preseason schedule for the 2024-25 season holds particular importance due to several factors that could significantly impact their performance in the upcoming season.

This fall, there will be greater drama in the Detroit Red Wings preseason since there are several young players competing for roster spots. However, the schedule will mostly remain unchanged from the previous season. The Red Wings will play eight preseason games versus Toronto, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and both at home and away. This season, however, will be different as the Red Wings will face division rivals Buffalo and Ottawa in single games instead of the Washington Capitals.

On September 25, Wednesday, at the Chicago Blackhawks. Friday, September 27: Blackhawks at home. Saturday, September 28: Pittsburgh Penguins at home. September 30, Monday: At the Buffalo Sabres. October 1st, Tuesday: In Pittsburgh. Thursday, October 3: Toronto Maple Leafs at home October 4, Friday: At the Ottawa Senators On October 5, Saturday: In Toronto. We will make an announcement later on about preseason and regular season ticket information. At least three and maybe up to five younger players may have the chance to join the parent club roster during Detroit’s preseason. The 2023–24 season should see defenseman Simon Edvinsson join the squad based on his performance. Defenseman Albert and forward Jonatan Berggren are no longer waiver exempt, therefore they cannot be transferred to the AHL.

The Red Wings continue to be high on Marco Kasper, meaning he could make the team with a strong preseason.  Other younger players perhaps in the mix: Carter Mazur and Elmer Soderblom. The preseason will also be the first time Detroit fans will get to lay eyes on Czech scoring champ Jakub Rychlovsky who signed this summer as a free agent. A speedy winger, Rychlovsky scored 26 goals lasct season. The likely scenario would be for Rychlovsky to start the season in Grand Rapids. But fans will at least have an opportunity to what kind of player Rychlovsky is.

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