February 26, 2024


13-year-old famous Nigerian comedian Emmanuella has sparked reactions online following a new video of her that captured her in the driver’s seat of a truck.

In the Instagram video, Emmanuella Emmanuella donned a vibrant green school sportswear as she firmly grasped the steering wheel, casting a brief glance towards the camera before embarking on her journey in her truck.

The video displayed her expert driving skills as she adeptly maneuvered the car along her route, likely en route to school. Her behind-the-wheel proficiency left a lasting impression on many observers.

Emmanuella enthralled her fans, who woke up to the spectacle of her confidently navigating a truck in a school uniform at her young age. Speculation about her age emerged, with numerous claims suggesting she hadn’t yet turned 18.

Concerns were expressed regarding potential interactions with road safety officers, while playful and cheeky comments added a light-hearted touch to discussions about her unconventional driving escapade

           Watch the video below;


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