Seyi Vibez or Asake: Who Is The Best Amapiano StreetPop Icon

Remarkably, Asake and Seyi Vibez are two rising superstars who have both established careers in the widely accepted Amapiano genre. Amapiano, a music style from South Africa, is internationally renowned for its catchy melodies, complex rhythms, and use of electronic instruments – with Asake and Seyi Vibez in the forefront, the music genre has experienced tremendous growth in Nigeria in recent years. Though the musical compositions of Asake and Seyi Vibez  have been criticized for being similar and some claim either of them lacks originality. However, sources still claim that the Amapiano genre is becoming increasingly popular, which has led to a glut of artists trying to utilize the increasingly popular genre.

Some critics say Asake does it well enough and is clear of everyone’s ratings because of his star-studded profile which has lots of hit songs in his discography within a short span – is this due to his top label, YBNL, and his prolific boss, Olamide. While some also boast that Seyi Vibez had been running the game for a while underground and he is already rising steadily without any major endorsement at the moment – with Seyi Vibez coming up more recently, should we call this recency bias? Read on as we try to compare the two of the best artists holding down for Street-Pop in Nigeria and see who comes out on top as The Best Afrobeats Street-Pop Icon in Nigeria.

Amapiano, which serves as the foundation of their sound. Additionally, Asake and Seyi Vibez have similar fashion senses.

The Uniqueness Between Asake and Seyi Vibez’s Genre of Music

The persistent lack of nuance in the discussion, which disregards the individuality of each artist, has a bad impact on the situation. Beyond speculation of two of Street-Pop’s top artists allegedly beefing, there are additional issues that call for contextual analysis – especially if the tiff’s intensity increases in the long run. Although they may not be very obvious to many people, Asake and Seyi Vibez’s artistic skill sets do have some uniqueness, and these features may be heard in their music.

Asake has always been honest about how Fuji music, and to a lesser extent, Juju music has influenced his sound and his musical philosophy. The Fuji influences are evident in everything from the iconic track “Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)” to the “Sunmomi” deep cut from “Mr. Money With The Vibe”. Seyi Vibez’s music is more influenced by Apala music, as is seen from his interpolation of Alhaji Fatai Olowonyo’s “Elewure Wole” on “G.O.A.T,” the first track on the “Memory Card” EP, released in January or his recently released tapes like “Hattrick”, “Migos”, “Hushpuppi” and others. Since Fuji and Apala are two separate genres, the distinctive way that they influence both performers’ music is evident in their divergent points.

Asake’s music unmistakably has a pop aesthetic, synthesizing Fuji’s naturally colorful nature for a younger, more international audience. Seyi Vibez is unmistakably proud of his super-lyrical approach, which is a relic of Apala music and is gritty and precise. Even though they both incorporate log drums and occasionally use rap-like cadences, there are enough artistic variances to illustrate that even though both musicians are currently leading lights in Street-Pop, there are still some levels to this.

Since we have previously established a stylistic comparison between Asake and Seyi Vibez, the other discussion topic is versatility. In general, it just demonstrates the diversity of Street-Pop from the southwest of Nigeria, despite the desire of mainstream discourse to reduce the scene to a single sound ideology. Even if Nigeria’s music mainstream is tuned into this developing situation of noting who does Amapiano best in the Nigerian Street-Pop scene, it would be absolutely incorrect to overlook the history behind Asake and Seyi Vibez, who are bearers of Yoruba music and cultural legacy. Asake and Seyi Vibez have influenced the game!

The big question still looms! Who is clearly on top of the Amapiano wave? Seyi Vibez or Asake? Let’s check these casual facts we can gather from the prestige Headies Award.

Headies Highlights That Show Who Is The Better Amapiano Artist

Despite a run of numerous projects, Seyi Vibez has only bagged a headies nomination. The highly sought-after Next-rated category of the 2023 Headies Award has received a nomination from hit-maker, Seyi Vibez – oh well, he is joined by Asake, Young John, Victony, and Spyro. For the first time ever, one particular artist (guess who?) has been predicted as the favorite to take home the prize. The award is granted to the most promising Afrobeats performer in the year under evaluation. Asake or Seyi Vibez? Who is clear?

Meanwhile, Asake who is an internationally recognized vocalist who unquestionably dominated in 2022–2023 seems to be “lonely at the top”. It can be difficult for some music fans to decide whether to name him Next Rated Artiste or Artiste of the Year, even if many believe he is deserving of both honors. The Afro-Pop singer received numerous nominations for the 2023 Headies Awards. Best Male Artiste, Best Collaboration, Best Album, Best Street Hop Artiste, Song of the Year, Next Rated, and Headies Viewers’ Choice are among the categories. Asake is famous for both his exceptional singing skill and his continual infusion of upbeat energy. The Afrobeats icon had a successful year since 2022 till date.

Asake is clearly on Top 2 artists on top of the Afrobeats-Amapiano wave, and he is not even number 2! Seyi Vibez is an awesome artist, no doubt, and negative with his talent. Nonetheless, Asake is way clear of whatever quality of sounds we are speaking of here when it comes to Afro-Pop, Amapiano, and their supposed reach to the streets. Asake really still tops it by reaching even the international music listeners who adore his aura and music finesse.

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