Seven All-Stars that the Orlando Magic sadly missed out on in the NBA Draft…

The NBA Draft is always a game of chance, and even the most astute franchises sometimes miss out on future stars. The Orlando Magic, like many teams, have had their fair share of missed opportunities over the years. Here, we delve into seven All-Stars that the Orlando Magic sadly missed out on in the NBA Draft.

Chris Paul (2005 Draft)

In the 2005 NBA Draft, the Magic had the 11th overall pick. They chose Fran Vázquez, a Spanish forward who never played a single game in the NBA. Meanwhile, Chris Paul was selected 4th overall by the New Orleans Hornets. Paul has since become one of the greatest point guards in NBA history, renowned for his incredible playmaking abilities, leadership, and defensive prowess. His career includes numerous All-Star appearances and All-NBA selections, making him one of the most significant talents the Magic missed out on.

 2. Russell Westbrook (2008 Draft)

In the 2008 NBA Draft, the Magic selected Courtney Lee with the 22nd overall pick. While Lee has had a respectable NBA career, the Magic missed out on Russell Westbrook, who was picked 4th overall by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook, known for his explosive athleticism and relentless playing style, has won an MVP award and has multiple All-Star selections. His triple-double prowess would have added a dynamic element to the Magic’s roster.

3. Stephen Curry (2009 Draft)

The 2009 NBA Draft was particularly painful for the Magic. They did not have a high pick but had they maneuvered differently, they might have landed Stephen Curry, who was selected 7th overall by the Golden State Warriors. Curry has revolutionized the game with his shooting, becoming the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history. His multiple MVP awards and championships with the Warriors highlight what could have been a transformative player for the Magic.

4. Kawhi Leonard (2011 Draft)

In 2011, the Magic selected Nikola Vučević with the 16th pick, which turned out to be a solid choice. However, Kawhi Leonard, selected 15th overall by the Indiana Pacers and traded to the San Antonio Spurs, has become one of the league’s best two-way players. Leonard’s elite defense and clutch scoring have earned him multiple All-Star appearances, Defensive Player of the Year awards, and two NBA Finals MVPs. His presence could have elevated the Magic to new heights.

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo (2013 Draft)

The 2013 NBA Draft saw the Magic selecting Victor Oladipo with the 2nd overall pick. While Oladipo developed into an All-Star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, selected 15th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks, has emerged as a generational talent. Giannis’s combination of size, athleticism, and skill has led to two MVP awards, an NBA championship, and multiple All-Star appearances. Missing out on Giannis is a significant “what if” for the Magic, considering his transformative impact on any franchise.

6. Klay Thompson (2011 Draft)

In the same 2011 Draft where the Magic selected Vučević, they missed out on Klay Thompson, picked 11th overall by the Golden State Warriors. Thompson is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, known for his exceptional scoring ability and defense. His role in the Warriors’ championship teams highlights the kind of impact he could have had in Orlando, providing elite shooting and perimeter defense.

7. Paul George (2010 Draft)

In the 2010 NBA Draft, the Magic picked Daniel Orton with the 29th overall pick, a selection that did not pan out well. Meanwhile, Paul George was selected 10th overall by the Indiana Pacers. George has developed into one of the premier two-way players in the league, with multiple All-Star selections and All-NBA team honors. His versatility and scoring ability would have made him a cornerstone player for the Magic.

Analyzing the Misses

Each of these players represents a missed opportunity for the Magic to secure a franchise-altering talent. These selections highlight the unpredictable nature of the NBA Draft and the importance of scouting, development, and sometimes just luck.

– Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook: These two point guards could have addressed Orlando’s need for elite playmaking and leadership. Both have had profound impacts on their respective teams, and their presence could have changed the trajectory of the Magic’s franchise.

– Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson: The Splash Brothers are known for their shooting prowess, something the Magic have often lacked. Their ability to spread the floor and score efficiently from beyond the arc would have transformed Orlando’s offensive capabilities.

– Kawhi Leonard and Paul George: These two-way stars excel on both ends of the floor. Their defensive prowess combined with scoring ability would have provided the Magic with much-needed versatility and toughness.

– Giannis Antetokounmpo: Perhaps the biggest miss, Giannis has the potential to dominate in every facet of the game. His presence alone could have reshaped the Magic’s identity and success.


While it’s easy to look back and see where the Magic missed out on these future stars, it’s also a reminder of the inherent challenges of the NBA Draft. Teams can only make the best decisions with the information available at the time. Each of these players has gone on to achieve remarkable success, and their potential impact on the Orlando Magic serves as a testament to their extraordinary talents. As the Magic continue to build for the future, these past misses highlight the importance of diligent scouting, player development, and sometimes, a bit of luck in landing the next franchise superstar.

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