See Person Husband” – Nigerian Woman Catches Married Man Who Sneaked into Her House at Night, Shares Video (Watch)

A Nigerian lady has exposed a married man who sneaked into her house by 9:00 pm.

Taking to TikTok, she shared videos she took when the incident happened and caused a stir online.

In one of the clips, the man was locked up in a room and could be heard begging the woman to let him out. The woman refused and began to interrogate him. It was learnt that the man sneaked into the woman’s house to see her housemaid, Divine.

Marvelling at the man’s guts, the woman, who lives in an estate, said he sneaked into her house, passed her living room and made his way upstairs, where he was caught.

She countered the man’s pleas, saying she read his chats with her maid and vowed not to let him go. The man begged her to consider his marriage.

Eventually, the man was put in cuffs as security personnel entered the apartment and whisked him away.

Watch the videos below:

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