Review: Tower of God Season 2 Premiere: A Valuable Comeback for the Korean Fantasy Anime

Tower of God is back with its second season, Tower of God: Return of the Prince, following a four-year break. Six years after the events of season 1, Bam, now going by the name Jue Viole Grace, has joined the terrorist group FUG for unknown reasons. Along the way, he develops a strange bond with Ja Wangnan, a driven Regular who aspires to rule the tower.

Tower of God: Return of the Prince carries on the plot of Tower of God season 1 as naturally as possible, despite the fact that the visuals have changed significantly due to the studio switch from Telecom Animation Film to The Answer Studio.

That being said, based only on the first two episodes, Tower of God: Return of the Prince appears to have the same brilliant writing and direction that helped make the first season a success. If it can continue to produce content of this caliber for the duration of its run, season 2 will undoubtedly be every bit as successful as the first.

Though a little erratic, Tower of God: Return of the Prince is off to a solid start overall. Even though Tower of God: Return of the Prince’s art style has changed, it still has the same engaging animation and excellent character development as the first season, while losing much of what made that season stand out. Even after all these years, there are still a lot of things about Tower of God to adore, and maybe season 2 will continue to be that way until the very end.

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