REPORT: Billy Napier Retains Florida Coaching Job Thanks to Four Key Football Plays

Entering the 2024 season for Florida Football, there is no denying that Billy Napier is on the hot seat. During his two seasons at the helm of the Gators, Napier has gone 11-14.

Some may point to situations that could have gone Florida’s way, such as the non-facemask call against FSU in 2022 or 4th and 17 against Missouri in 2023, as signs Napier is close to turning the ship around in Gainesville.

But hanging on to those moments would be overlooking the following four moments that have gone in Florida’s favor since he took over as head coach.

The following are four moments which would have Napier with a record of 7-18 had they gone south.

Amari Burney Picks Off Cam Rising

You never get a seconds chance to make a first impression, and boy did Napier make us all believers after opening night in 2022.

Squaring off against 7th ranked Utah, Florida beat the Utes 29-26 in one of the all time classics in The Swamp. The game was sealed with Amari Burney getting an interception off Cam Rising in the endzone with just 17 seconds left to play.

It was an instant signature win for Napier as Utah would go on to win the Pac-12 in 2022.

But what if Burney doesn’t make that interception?

It was 2nd down, so Utah would have had one more crack to outright win the game. And even if they failed on 3rd down, a field goal would have sent it to overtime. Would Florida have won in OT? Who knows. But take away this win and Florida misses a bowl game in 2022, which would have already made Napier’s seat warm.

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