Release Date For Kimi ni Todoke Season 3 Revealed Along With New Trailer

From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke is a prominent franchise that will be getting new episodes as part of the new wave of anime that will be released this summer. The wildly popular romantic comedy will also be making its way to Netflix in August for its third season! In 2010, Kimi ni Todoke, the anime based on Karuho Shiina’s original manga, concluded its first two seasons. Unexpectedly, more than ten years later, a third season of the show was confirmed. Fans of the classic anime will be able to finally see how this romance progresses, picking up where things left off.

Kimi ni Todoke had previously confirmed that Season 3 would debut on Netflix this August, but now it has officially revealed that it will happen on August 1st. In celebration, Netflix has unveiled a brand-new season trailer that provides the most comprehensive and detailed look yet at the upcoming episodes. This also includes the first section of iwase’s new opening theme for the season, “et cetera.” The third trailer for Kimi ni Todoke may be seen below.

On August 1st, Kimi ni Todoke – From Me To You Season 3 will be available on Netflix globally. For Production I.G., Kenichi Matsuzawa will be directing the upcoming season. After missing the first two seasons, Tomoko Konparu comes back to supervise and co-write the screenplays with Michiko Yokote. S.E.N.S. Project also returns to provide the soundtrack. Aya Hirano as Ume Kurumizawa, Yuko Sanpei as Chizuru Yoshida, Yuichi Nakamura as Ryu Sanada, Mamoru Miyano as Kento Miura, Yuki Ono as Pin, and Mamiko Noto as Sawako Kuronuma are among the confirmed returning cast members.

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