April 10, 2024

In a heartwarming video shared online, a Nigerian woman was seen teaching her oyinbo daughter-in-law how to carry a baby with a wrapper.

The video captured the beautiful older woman lecturing her daughter-in-lawn on the traditional baby wrap technique.

Nigerian woman helps oyinbo daughter-in-law carry her baby Photo credit: @nika.diwa/Instagram.
Source: Instagram

The video showcased the cultural exchange between the two women as they bonded over the shared experience of motherhood.

The mother-in-law demonstrated how to use a wrapper to create a front baby carrier, ensuring the baby is secure and comfortable.

Man gushes as mum teaches his wife how to carry a baby

The lady’s husband shared the lovely video while gushing over the great bond existing between the duo.

He wrote;

“My Nigerian mother teaching wifey the traditional baby wrap technique.”

Reactions as woman teaches daughter-in-law traditional baby wrap technique

The video quickly gained traction online with netizens flooding the comments section with admiration for the beautiful baby wrap and the bond between the two women.

Many viewers expressed their delight at the outcome and found the sight of the mother and wife heartwarming.

@angelbidwill said:

“I really love how our African mama’s care for their babies. It’s so endearing.”

@morganeidson reacted:

“I really like how she is genuinely thankful for her MIL’s help and thanks her with a smile and a hug.”

@janeoginni commented:

“I need the full tutorial. My kids are half Nigerian but I’ve only seen back carries, not front carries.”

@honor_all_beauty said:

“As a child of parents from parents with two different cultures, nothing brings me more heart feels than seeing cultures combine and equally love and learn from each other. I wouldn’t be who I am without that.”

@divapyem said:

“This is not Nigerian. We tie our babies at the back not in front. This is some other African culture but not Nigerian. I’m surprised no Nigerians have commented yet.”

@graceokpo reacted:

“This is NOT NIGERIAN. We strap our babies to the back here in Nigeria please.”

@standupchic reacted:

“Yes please, we need Grandma to give us a full Tutorial on this. I only know how to “back” babies with a wrapper. I’ve actually never seen this method in Nigeria. it’s probably from a tribe’s method I’m not familiar with.”

Watch the video below:

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