Ohio State football supporters must hope Ryan Day wins this one battle with greater decisiveness.

For the second year in a row, the Ohio State football team is having a quarterback competition. Devin Brown and Kyle McCord competed for the position last season. It wasn’t until after the season’s second game against Youngstown State that he was formally hired.

Brown is competing for the position this season against Will Howard and a few newcomers. As a transfer quarterback with a ton of game experience, Howard is the clear favorite to land the position. Unlike everyone else vying for the position, he has actually participated in a conference championship game.

According to Ryan Day, he won’t announce a starting lineup until the autumn. He carried out the identical action a year prior, when McCord emerged victorious despite being the initial favorite. Day was always searching for stability, but he never found it. He needs to make decisions with more conviction this year.

The season cannot continue with this competition. By the time the season begins, Day must inform Howard that he is the new hire. Knowing that someone may steal his job if he makes a foolish move during practice, he can’t be watching over his shoulder every practice.

For this season, Howard is the best option. After he goes, the Buckeyes will have a real battle at quarterback with no clear favorite the next season. For the sake of the Ohio State football team as a whole, Day must decide this year sooner rather than later.

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The quicker Howard has Day make this choice, the happier the fans will be. As soon as fall practice begins, he needs to be able to demonstrate that he is the guy. That will indicate that he is prepared to play against some of the top teams in the nation.

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