December 7, 2023


A group of young girls recently outlined their criteria for a potential partner during the December festive season. Led by what appears to be a spokesperson, one girl took charge, rattling off the requirements, while the others collectively chanted, “Avoid us.”

In the list of expectations for the prospective man, she included owning a GLK, CLK, a house, and other luxurious items. The humorous yet revealing scene sheds light on the sometimes extravagant expectations people may have during festive seasons, making it a unique and entertaining episode.

In her words; “If you nor get GLK, avoid us! Or even CLK, avoid us! If you nor fit buy me bone straight, avoid us! Or even bouncing, avoid us!”

“You nor get your own house, avoid me o! You not fit buy me pixie curls, avoid me!

Paste aza, nahin I want!!!”

See the video below:


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