“My Hero Academia: Your Next” Fourth Episode to Be Released in Theaters in North America

North American viewers of the popular Japanese anime series My Hero Academia: Your Next have a lot to look forward to as My Hero Academia will be available in theaters for the first time in the series’ history. Toho International (Godzilla Minus One), the anime series’ distributor, is trying to attract more American viewers by adapting the series to an English-speaking audience by adding English dubbing and subtitles.

According to Toho International president Koji Ueda, “Toho International took its initial steps forward as a film distributor with the North American release of Godzilla Minus One, beginning down the path Toho Company Limited has already successfully traveled for many decades within Japan.” “It became evident from Godzilla Minus One’s success that American moviegoers want to see Japanese theatrical productions as intended—on the big screen with their friends and fellow enthusiasts,” Ueda continued.

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