Leon Draisaitl hinted at his affection for the Edmonton Oilers and said, “Obviously, I love being an Oiler more than anything.”

This comes from Leon Draisaitl, the star forward for the Edmonton Oilers, who told reporters he would take some time to consider his future options while also strongly implying that he intends to remain an Oiler.

He said, “I’m going to give you the most boring answer here.” “I will undoubtedly get down with my representatives in this location and speak with the Oilers to find out what their and our plans are, and then we will proceed accordingly. I haven’t had time to consider it, of course. It had been off my mind for a while. Simply put, it will take some time to ascertain my desires as well as those of the Oilers and everyone else before moving forward and coming up with a solution.

“I mean, Edmonton has the only chance to sign me so I guess they are first, yeah,” he responded when asked whether he would consider joining with any other team. We’ll see. That’s all I have to say. It goes without saying that my favorite team is the Oilers. That’s all I have to say.

Ray Ferraro, an ESPN hockey analyst and former NHL player, offered his own conjecture today on the possible course of Draisaitl and the Oilers’ contract talks.

In an interview with TSN’s Darren Dreger for the Ray & Dregs podcast, Ferraro stated that the Edmonton Oilers should express to Draisaitl that they wish to re-sign him but that they will give him time to heal and recuperate before starting contract negotiations.

“I would ensure that there is no misunderstanding regarding my intention to sign him. Ferraro said, “I would also make sure he understood that I’m waiting for you to be okay to start talking.” “When this is over, he won’t be rubbing nickels together.”

Ferraro stated, “The Oilers have already put together the offer; they don’t need to wait until July 1st to do so.” “What do fans believe managers are doing during Stanley Cup play? They were left with nothing to do. It’s a rock coming their way, sliding downward. You must take action in this regard.

If Draisaitl tells the Oilers he will not sign any new contract until the 2024-25 season is over, Ferraro said the Oilers must accept that.

And what are you going to do if he says that? Exchange him? Not a possibility? stated Ferraro. Here’s the second thing: Imagine if Connor and Leon, who have identical length deals, walk out of a news conference on July 1st of the next year. Okay, we’re being ridiculous here, but what if it actually happens? He can hold any card in the deck if he chooses not to sign it at that moment. No, he doesn’t. The ninth year would be the only card the Oilers would own. That is all. And if you have ever played War with cards as a child, you have to ultimately say, “You win,” when there is just one card remaining in the deck. In that sense, the player is positioned there if

We also learned via Oilers reporter Tony Brar during today’s last dressing room meeting that Draisaitl had hand and rib injuries, and that during his media scrum, Oilers coach Kris Knoblach revealed this information. However, he did so consistently.

McDavid also persevered in playing despite an ailment, though Knoblauch would not reveal what it was.

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