Lakers Fans Made Startling Statements Regarding Celtics Championship Victory….

Lakers fans are discrediting the Celtics’ triumph by claiming it was the easiest championship ever.

The Los Angeles Lakers supporters aren’t happy that the Boston Celtics will be the NBA champions in 2024. The Celtics currently lead their enduring rivals by one championship (18 to 17), and a Lakers supporter used X to cast doubt on their championship run by suggesting it could have been the easiest ever.

The easiest championship in Celtic history?

– Heat sans Rozier and Jimmy Butler

– Without Jarrett Allen and Donovan Mitchell, the Cavs

The Pacers gave up without Haliburton.

– Mavs featuring Kleber and PJ Washington.

The post went viral and NBA fans had some interesting reactions to it.

One stated the Celtics should get no credit.

Making such statements, as Lakers supporters do, is undoubtedly ironic. Let’s examine every injury that the opponents of the Boston Celtics have had to cope with during these playoffs.
Initial Round: Terry Rozier and Jimmy Butler Were Absent for the Heat

In the opening round, the Celtics and Miami Heat squared up in a repeat of the Eastern Conference Finals from 2023. The Heat were defeated in five games this time around, although they had won that encounter in seven.

Jimmy Butler’s absence from the series as a result of a sprained right MCL sustained during the Play-In Tournament against the Philadelphia 76ers was a major contributing factor. Terry Rozier, who missed the series due to a neck strain, was also out for the Heat.

Jarrett Allen Was Out and Donovan Mitchell Missed Two Games in the Eastern Conference Semifinals

The Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup between the Celtics and the Cavaliers was next. Jarrett Allen had a contusion to his right rib cage in the Cavaliers’ first round matchup with the Orlando Magic. He was unable to make a full recovery in time to participate in the game against the Celtics.

Even worse, following Game 3, Donovan Mitchell had a strained left calf and was unable to return to action. The Cavaliers fell 4-1 and had little chance with their best guard sidelined.

Conference Finals: Two Games Missed by Tyrese Haliburton

The Indiana Pacers, who had also profited from several important players on their opponents’ injury, faced the Celtics in the Conference Finals. Regretfully, the Pacers found themselves afflicted by the injury bug at this point.

After injuring his hamstring in Game 2, Tyrese Haliburton was sidelined for the remainder of the series. Even though they fought valiantly without their star point guard, the Pacers lost in three games.

Regarding the NBA Finals, the fan mercilessly blamed the Dallas Mavericks’ rosters players P.J. Washington and Maxi Kleber for the Celtics’ easy victory. That was rather severe, although the two did struggle in the series.

Luka Doncic was obviously not at full strength when it came to injuries, but he was still playing and doing so at a respectable level. Should Doncic not have had to play through ailments, would the result have been different? We’ll never be aware of it.

I won’t discount the Celtics’ run, even if it is obvious that they had some luck along the road. You may argue that all championship-winning teams have experienced some sort of luck.

The Denver Nuggets last year lucked out by facing the Minnesota Timberwolves without Jaden McDaniels and Naz Reid. The year before that, the Golden State Warriors faced a Nuggets team without Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray. Even Ja Morant had gone down when they faced the Memphis Grizzlies in the Conference Semifinals. Title-winning teams just almost always end up getting lucky at some point along the way.


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