It will be a difficult task for Lane Hutson to win the calder in 2024-2025 and here’s why.

A few players have already signed NHL entry-level contracts after the first round of the draft, which was held a little more than a week ago. The first-round draft selections who have reached a deal with their teams are listed below:

Adam Jiricek (16) Terik Parascak (17) Stan Solberg (23), Macklin Celebrini (1), Artyom Levshunov (2), Becket Sennecke (3), Berkly Catton (8), Zayne Parekh (9), Jett Luchanko (13) A well-coordinated arrangement. Ivan Demidov and Michael Hage are the only things lacking, but they won’t be joining us this year.

These individuals will all have a chance to establish themselves in the starting lineups of their respective NHL teams. This implies that there will be a very close race for the Calder. Then, best of luck to Lane Hutson. A few of these men won’t even be in the league or the race. And somebody else might enter. – Brandt Clarke – Mavrik Bourque – Lane Hutson – Jonathan Lekkerimaki Still, it will be enjoyable.

Guys like Macklin Celebrini, Artyom Levshunov, Cutter Gauthier, and Matvei Michkov will all be in their big league rookie seasons and should all make an impact, as you can see from the X-publication written by Cam Robinson, content director of Elite Prospects. Beckett Sennecke signed his NHL entry-level deal, but Robinson overlooked him. He might make his debut for the Ducks early in the year and be a contender for the Calder Trophy, which Connor Bedard won handily the previous year. But the Ducks hopeful might go back to junior.

Hutson, on the other hand, will have to fight for a spot from the beginning of the season and will make every effort to hold onto it because, in spite of the fact that his future in Montreal appears bright, he shouldn’t take his current standing for granted because there are many defensemen in the city. If he plays twenty minutes a night and receives a lot of playing time during the first wave of the power play, he will undoubtedly be regarded as one of the NHL’s best rookie defensemen. However, let’s hold off on awarding him the Calder until after all, since Mike Matheson is still around and I doubt we’ll be able to take away his power-play time. At the very least, Demidov will be one of the favourites in 2025–2026.

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