DRAFT SIGNING: Oakland Athletics Base Coach Bobby Crosby Unveils 2024 Trade Wishlist Featuring Four Top Players…..

Bobby Crosby, the Oakland Athletics base coach, unveiled a trade wishlist for the 2024 season, highlighting four top players he believes could significantly impact the team’s performance. Here’s a detailed discussion on each of these players and how they could fit into the Athletics’ plans:

1. Tyler Glasnow (Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays)


  • Strengths: Glasnow is known for his powerful fastball and a devastating curveball, making him one of the most formidable pitchers when healthy. His ability to generate strikeouts at a high rate is a key asset.
  • Recent Performance: Despite battling injuries in recent seasons, when Glasnow is on the mound, he has shown dominant performances. His ERA and WHIP are typically among the best in the league when he’s healthy.

Fit for Athletics:

  • Rotation Boost: Adding Glasnow to the Athletics’ rotation would provide a much-needed ace. His presence would elevate the overall quality of the pitching staff, providing a reliable arm that can handle high-leverage situations.
  • Mentorship: Glasnow’s experience could be invaluable for younger pitchers on the team, helping them develop and refine their skills.

2. Bryan Reynolds (Outfielder, Pittsburgh Pirates)


  • Strengths: Reynolds is a versatile outfielder with a solid blend of power and contact hitting. He has a good eye for the strike zone and is capable of getting on base at a high clip.
  • Recent Performance: Over the past few seasons, Reynolds has been one of the bright spots for the Pirates, consistently posting impressive batting averages and on-base percentages.

Fit for Athletics:

  • Offensive Boost: The Athletics have struggled with consistent offensive production. Reynolds could provide a reliable bat in the middle of the lineup, driving in runs and setting the table for other hitters.
  • Defensive Versatility: Reynolds’ ability to play all three outfield positions would give the Athletics flexibility in managing their outfield defense and making strategic in-game decisions.

3. Ketel Marte (Infielder/Outfielder, Arizona Diamondbacks)


  • Strengths: Marte is known for his versatility, being able to play both infield and outfield positions. He combines power and speed, making him a threat both at the plate and on the base paths.
  • Recent Performance: Marte has demonstrated the ability to hit for average and power, with several seasons of strong offensive numbers. His defensive versatility adds significant value.

Fit for Athletics:

  • Versatility: Marte’s ability to play multiple positions would be a tremendous asset for the Athletics, allowing them to cover various needs and injuries throughout the season.
  • Offensive Depth: Adding Marte to the lineup would provide depth and balance, enhancing the team’s overall run-scoring potential.

4. Josh Hader (Relief Pitcher, San Diego Padres)


  • Strengths: Hader is one of the most dominant relief pitchers in MLB, known for his high strikeout rates and ability to close out games. His fastball-slider combination is particularly lethal.
  • Recent Performance: Hader has consistently been among the league leaders in saves and strikeouts per nine innings, cementing his reputation as a top-tier closer.

Fit for Athletics:

  • Bullpen Stability: The Athletics’ bullpen has had its share of struggles. Acquiring Hader would instantly solidify the closer role, giving the team a reliable option to shut down games.
  • Pressure Handling: Hader’s experience in high-pressure situations would be invaluable during crucial moments in the season, especially in a potential playoff push.

Overall Impact

Acquiring these four players would significantly transform the Athletics. Glasnow and Hader would bolster the pitching staff, addressing both starting rotation and bullpen needs. Reynolds and Marte would enhance the offensive lineup and provide defensive flexibility. These additions would not only improve the team’s competitiveness in the AL West but also position them as a serious contender for the playoffs.

However, executing these trades would require the Athletics to part with considerable assets, likely including top prospects and current major league talent. The front office would need to carefully weigh the immediate benefits against the long-term impact on the organization’s farm system and overall future.

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