Broncos offseason disrespect has reached a new low with ridiculous idea…

We understand that many believe the Denver Broncos will have a terrible season in 2019. The Broncos’ roster is now the weakest in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. There’s a popular thread on Twitter/X with season predictions, one of which states that the Broncos will be the first team to lose in the 17-game era. The Broncos are slated to choose in the top half of several analysts’ early 2025 NFL mock draft rankings.

Once more, we understand. After trading Jerry Jeudy, Russell Wilson, and Justin Simmons, this squad has lost the support of the public. Bo Nix is disliked by many, and many believed that the Broncos overdrafted him.

I’m not sure that something as offensive as this from Bleacher Report has appeared on any of the several lists and rankings that are available. The Broncos are among a select few clubs that author Alex Ballentine believes ought to give serious consideration to tanking for the 2024 campaign.

And not for a quarterback either.

“Not every team that should be looking ahead to the 2025 NFL draft is looking for quarterback talent. The Broncos have already staked the future of the franchise on Bo Nix after the 2024 NFL draft.

They shouldn’t go back on that regardless of what 2024 looks like…

…The Russell Wilson trade has undoubtedly set back the franchise a few years. A bit of patience is going to be required and playing for the 2025 draft could put the Broncos in a position to make a bigger leap next season”

Remember that the Broncos won eight games in the previous season. With Nathaniel Hackett as head coach, this is a squad that struck rock bottom as of the 2022 season. Sean Payton proved last year that he can make the most of the players on the roster and keep the Broncos competitive far into the season. Last December, we were still discussing possible playoff scenarios, remember?

It’s exactly what B/R reported, the team suffered a setback after the deal for Russell Wilson. Did the Broncos lose ground because of Russell Wilson’s cut? The answer will have to wait until next season, although many people think the Broncos improved at quarterback this offseason by cutting Wilson and

That is still to be determined, but this team is not going to collapse. When Sean Payton was a media member for FOX, he said he thought Caleb Williams was the kind of prospect the NFL would need to hold a lottery to get. Why would Payton “tank” in 2024 for Williams if he didn’t “tank” for him in the first place? There isn’t even a single player in the 2025 NFL Draft class who would be worth it.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If the Broncos are bad in 2024, it is going to have to happen organically, not by force.

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