BREAKING NEWS: Assessing Bulls draft moves in potential Lakers trades…

About two months ago, the Chicago Bulls played in the NBA play-in tournament but fell to the Miami Heat, capping off yet another forgettable season. It was only right that the season would conclude in a dismal way because it had been a bad one. The Bulls had a strong start in Miami, going up 11-6 early on with a few three-pointers, but from that point on, it was all Heat. After Miami’s 112-91 victory, they were defeated by the Boston Celtics, who have since advanced to the NBA Finals.

The Bulls led 11–6 at the half, but gave up a big run and lost by 20 points in the second quarter. It was actually quite good work by the Bulls to weather the storm when they fell behind by 20 points. After Chicago rallied and cut the lead to seven points in the third quarter, the Heat regained momentum and won handily.

The Bulls had a 39-43 record at the end of the regular season. In their first play-in tournament game, they did manage to defeat the Atlanta Hawks, but they were once again eliminated from the postseason. Chicago could have advanced to the playoffs with just one more win if they had won the play-in tournament in Miami, but they were unable to complete the task.

So, the Bulls will play for another season. Things went rather well after they started 5-14, but they are still far from appeasing this demanding fan base. Making it this far was an accomplishment, as nobody really thought this club would make it to the postseason in the early going, but the fan base is demanding more.

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