Breaking: Former star of the Green Bay Packers says he will never go back to the city (Report)

In recent years, the Green Bay Packers have let go of several stars. They have assembled one of the youngest teams in the league as a result of their numerous season just three points short of an NFC Championship game.

One former standout player, though, predicts he won’t likely wear a Packers uniform again.

Josh Jacobs attempted to lure Davante Adams back to the Packers, according to a report published in late May by Matt Schneidman of The Athletic:

Josh Jacobs: “You guys, the receiving corps is insane.” Even just watching them excites me. They can all leave at any time. Regarding Davante Adams, Jacobs says, “When I came out here…” I emailed him the emoji of small eyes. “Are you considering returning?” I asked. But he really did adore it.



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