Biden is back on the campaign tour as the demand to withdraw from the White House race grows.

July 7th, WASHINGTON — Desperate to save his reelection campaign, US President Joe Biden is returning on the campaign trail on Sunday. Senior Democrats are gathering to address the rising calls for Biden to withdraw from the White House race.

Beginning a demanding week, the 81-year-old Democrat will host the NATO leaders’ conference in Washington after holding two campaign rallies in Pennsylvania, a state known for its political intensity. -PREFIX- As demand to withdraw grows following his dismal debate with Donald Trump last month, which sparked concerns about his age and suitability to serve an additional four years, he will face an increasingly harsh focus.

At a rally, in interviews with media, and on social media, Biden has stayed unwavering in his defiance, announcing that he is the only candidate capable of unseating Trump and that he is qualified to serve.

2020 saw me defeat Trump. His campaign social media account wrote on Saturday, “I’m going to beat him again in 2024.” However, worries have not been allayed by a televised interview with ABC News on Friday. Thursday’s press conference, which is part of the NATO summit, will be his next big public test. Five Democratic members have called on Biden to resign thus far, and the chorus of disapproval is growing.

Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, is allegedly trying to organise a similar forum in the upper chamber. House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries has set a virtual conference of senior Democratic legislators for Sunday to debate the best course of action. Campaigning in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina on Monday is First Lady Jill Biden, who is reportedly pushing her husband to continue in the race, according to certain US media reports.

However, the president will have to take a break from the campaign starting on Tuesday in order to attend the NATO meeting in Philadelphia and Harrisburg on Sunday. In this situation as well, he will have to reassure allies at a time when many European nations are afraid that Trump would win in November.

The 78-year-old Republican has long expressed admiration for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, called NATO an onerous burden on the United States, and claimed he could quickly put an end to the bloodshed in Ukraine, the scene of Russia’s invasion that is now in its third year. At least when it comes to their leader, Democratic heavyweights are mainly keeping their simmering dissatisfaction under wraps for the time being.

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