Are you concerned about Rome Odunze and Caleb Williams’ lack of a contract?

The rookie class of the Chicago Bears reports on Tuesday, July 16th, and the team’s two top picks are still pending contract signings. Some social media users are starting to get concerned. It doesn’t seem like a huge deal to me. If they haven’t signed rookie contracts by July 16th, then it might become a “big deal.” Until then, it’s not a huge deal.

The fact that Caleb Williams hasn’t yet chosen a representative to represent him is intriguing—or is he? If Caleb wants to, he can negotiate the contract alone. However, since his father and lawyer aren’t qualified by the Players Association to negotiate contracts, they aren’t permitted to do so.

This is when the exciting part begins. There were rumors circulating during the Scouting Combine back in February that the Willimas camp had employed a certified agent to serve as a “advisor.” According to reports, Tony Agnone from EAS Football in Maryland is that individual. Agnone’s status as an advisor has never been formally declared, but a number of agents think it to be true.

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