5 Pittsburgh Steelers that need to prove themselves again

Redemption has great power, and in 2024, the Pittsburgh Steelers must make a major turnaround.

These players’ futures in the NFL may be in doubt if they are unable to make amends this season.

When the Steelers walk into training camp in late July, there is a tonne of potential. Potential can be interpreted in various ways. One has many opportunities to develop and prosper. It might also imply that there are a lot of unanswered questions that could prevent it from pursuing its goals. If these players are able to salvage their careers in 2024, Pittsburgh might be a strong team this season.

The ability of these guys to move on from their previous setbacks will be crucial to the team’s success.

Wilson Russell.
First, let me address the obvious one. Pittsburgh will not have a successful season this year if Russell Wilson performs poorly for the Steelers. What Wilson can accomplish in his role as the starting quarterback this season will largely determine their success. Until a big incident happens, the black and gold appear happy with him starting.
Wilson’s career may be finished if he is unable to prove himself as an NFL starting quarterback. Not only in Pittsburgh, but all over the NFL.

Larry Ogunjobi
Larry Ogunjobi is a player who many people overlook, but he is crucial to the Steelers.
In addition to overcoming a subpar campaign the previous year, he must demonstrate that he is deserving of the salary Pittsburgh offered him. Ogunjobi needs to demonstrate that he can be a dependable starter going forward, especially in light of the possibility that Cam Heyward will eventually leave town. The Steelers will cut Ogunjobi at the end of the season if he does not perform up to expectations.

Moore, Dan Moore Jr.
Everyone wants the Steelers to use Dan Moore Jr. primarily as a backup this season. That idea appears to be moving forward this year, as Troy Fautanu and Moore are reportedly vying for the right tackle starting position, according to Mark Kaboly. At training camp, Fautanu still needs to win that position.

“Your starting left tackle is Jones. In camp, Moore and Fautanu will compete at right tackle. The swing tackle will emerge victorious from that conflict.”

Moore is currently under contract. In free agency, he may receive a significant salary increase if he can demonstrate that he is a capable right tackle or swing tackle.

Kazee Damontae
Due to Damontae Kazee’s uncertain play in the previous season, the Steelers signed a starting safety in the free agent class.
For various reasons, Keanu Neal and Kazee were unable to remain on the pitch. Despite some speculation that he would become a cap casualty, Kazee stayed put. He is still a member of the team and has excellent talent at safety. He must continue playing and contribute to the defence. A reliable backup option behind the starters is Kazee.

When the final roster cuts are revealed, Kazee might not have an NFL job if he can’t avoid getting suspended or performs poorly on the field.

Fields Justin
Justin Fields needs to turn around his reputation this season, just like Wilson did.

Fields appears to just be starting this season in the event that Wilson falters or gets hurt. Fields’ position may not be as terrible as Wilson’s, but it might still lead to a difficult ending. Before his career enters risky zone, he should be given one or two more opportunities if he stays a backup the entire season. Fields may end up starting quarterback for the Steelers in the future if he can establish himself as the starter and make significant growth.

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