3 Ways to Make More Money with your Website


Want to know ways to make more money with your website? One of the advantages of operating a web site is that you can use your web site as a platform for generating supplementary revenue streams that are beneficial for your business. Alternative revenue streams including paid content, affiliate links and advertising networks.

  • Affiliate yourself: An affiliate program allows your business web site to earn a commission for selling products on behalf of somebody else. All you have to do is choose a product that you wish to sell and include the retailer’s code on your site. When any of your customers buy a product, you get a commission. It’s a quick and effective way of earning additional revenue while for your business to get going.
    What you need to be careful about is that you choose products that are associated with your website. Your customers visit your web site because they are interested in what you are selling. Chances are they would also be interested in related products and may wish to purchase your affiliate product. If, however, the product is totally unrelated, there are higher chances that your customers will not so much as give it a glance.
    All that you will have achieved is a website cluttered with countless non-relevant products. Opting for a few carefully-chosen affiliate products will earn you more revenue than a zillion non-revenue affiliate products. Commissions and terms also vary, so look around and choose your affiliates well.
  • Advertising Networks: Advertising networks such as Google’s AdSense program are a boon to web site owners. All you have to do is create great content and the ad networks take over from there. After assessing your content, advertising networks will deliver a number of well-paying ads that match that content.
    Depending on the advertiser, you make your money through impressions or click-throughs. With click-throughs, you earn a percentage. How much money you make depends on your traffic. It’s simple- the higher the number of visitors to your site, the more money you make.
    With this technique, you are not restricted to getting all your ads from one place only. You can choose to employ several pay per impression/pay per click advertising services simultaneously.
  • Paid content: The key to generating revenue from your content is that you need to have information that readers want but are unable to find at any other source. You can generate income for your content either directly by readers or by other web sites that wish to syndicate your content.
    To earn revenue directly from readers, the content should be restricted for general viewing and access should only be given to people who subscribe. A legal agreement specifying payment to the other website will have to be entered into for the purpose of syndicating content.

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